Antalya Ultra


12K deniz PARKURU

24-25 nİSAN 2021

28K göynü PARKURU

24-25 NİSAN 2021
24-25 NİSAN 2021


24-25 NİSAN 2021

Katılım Koşulları ve Kurallar  


1.Genel Bilgiler

  • Antalya Ultra will held on in Göynük Region of Kemer on 23-24-25 April 2021.
  • During the race participants will run on track which is marked by organization. Signs are min 10 mts max 100 mts apart as per condition of track.
  • Following signs is runner's responsibility. Getting lost is in nature of trail races.
  • Organization team can change the trail before the race. Runners will be informed concerning changes before the race.
  • Some of the tracks can pass through roads that are opened to traffic. It is the responsibility of the participant to obey the traffic rules and pay attention to the vehicles and pass safely.
  • Participants under the age of 18 cannot participate in 28K, 54K and 118K races. For the 12K races, the parent must submit the petition for permission to the organization.
  • To volunteer at the Antalya Ultra Marathon, please send an e-mail to
  • Mandatory equipment control will be made at kit table ,right before start time. Kit delivery will not be made to the participants who do not show their mandatory equipment.
  • Antalya Ultra Maratonu etkinliği kontenjanı 1000 katılımcı ile sınırlıdır.                                                  

2.Katılım Şartları

  • For the 28K, 54K and 118K courses, participants must have a 6-month health certificate or an approved athlete license from a sports federation.
  • Participants aged 65 and over participate in the contest with their ECG and health report from the cardiologist.  

3.Kayıt ve Kayıt ücreti

  • Registrations will be made on website. Registration deadline is April 09, 2021..
  • When quota is full, registrations will be closed before the registration deadline..

  • Dezavantajlı katılımcılarımız katılım ücretinden yüzde elli indirimden faydalanarak ve parkura uyumlu malzemelerle etkinliğe katılabilirler. *Rapor ve kayıt için e-mail adresiyle iletişime geçebilirsiniz. 

  • Participants who pay a refund fee will be refunded the entire participation fee until 19.03.2021, no refund will be made after 19.03.2021. Your racing kit is shipped to your address.
  • TRAİL 25.12.2020/15.01.2021 16.01.2021/26.02.2021 27.02.2021/09.05.2021
    12K 100 TL 120 TL 140 TL
    28K 150 TL 170 TL 210 TL
    54K 200 TL 220 TL 250 TL
    118K 250 TL 300 TL 350 TL